When two bespoke UK manufacturers team up you just know the result is going to be pretty good.

But when one comes from the custom scene and the other is from a precision engineering background approved by a world class manufacturer, you know it’s going to be spectacular! 

T3 Racing, famous for building the limited edition Ace Thruxton 904 and winners of 3 British Championships have teamed up with Cool custom bike creators Spirit of the 70s to create what promises to be Britain’s best ever performance bike.

Based on the Triumph 1050cc triple engine and chassis, the plan is to create a bike with clean lines backed up with precise, bespoke engineeringto give it devastating performance and a charisma all of its own. And if the first visuals of the prototypes are anything to go by the new bike promises to be a scorcher.

Spirit of the Seventies designer Kev Taggart came up with the proposal to design 2 bikes with their own personalities but be based on a common platform.

T3’s race-winning experience will squeeze the best performance out of the big triple without sacrificing any of its renowned reliability and the chassis and suspension will be tuned to perfection.

Spirit of the 70’s Ecosse Yamaha 750 Triple was a neat custom that caught the eye of the press.

Spirit team Kev Taggart and Tim Rogers are well known in the UK for their work on some pretty cool customs, particularly the Ecosse XS750, Yamaha’s own 3-cylinder beast from the decade when Japan started really pushing the boundaries.

In it’s original form the 750-3 was a little under par and suffered from a few niggling problems partly due to it’s weight and the introduction of a shaft drive which left it somewhat underpowered.

But with Spirits master craftsmanship the customs they’ve produced have unlocked the beast to show its full potential in this stripped down special.

Spirit’s custom ideas can never be called timid – one on the drawing board for later.

The guys have said they wil still continue with their bespoke work on historic machines as well as some radical new takes on more modern machinery, even though they are committed to the Gemini project, so if you’re looking for something truly unique you should give them a call.

The Thruxton Ace 904s was a cool racer on the track with heaps of personality.

Tony Scott from T3 sees this as an exciting new chapter in the development of T3 Racing,  Triumph UK’s official race support centre.

As well as building the excellent Thruxton Ace 904S the company is well known for O/E and race parts which it supplies at discounted rates to all racers registered with the Triumph Race Program.

T3 also holds huge stock levels of parts needed for race and road bikes plus aftermarket accessories developed and tested by the Triumph Triple Challenge riders.

M2-11 is nimble, light and powerful.

With the new featherweight 130/150bhp M2-11 and M7-11 now ready for production the companyhas got a strong foothold in the supebike  market and the new Gemini range promises to take things one stage further.

Gemini naked-02
Gemini Naked – say no more!

With 160bhp on tap all strapped together in a package that weighs in at only 190kg the company is very confident with the top speed comfortably poking over 170mph.

The bikes are sure to please the engineering perfectionists with a good sprinkling of top names such as K-Tech suspension, Lockheed brakes, Kineo wheels and Pirelli tyres – everything the a top-flight track bike would require.

At a quite reasonable £33,000 for a track ready bike there should be ample interest to secure the sale of all 100 being produced.

Things are starting to look very exciting for these 2 teams of bike pioneers.